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The Truth about running your own website

Website Hosting

Hosting is the easy part. There I said it.  It’s the next part everyone always forgets about that gets them into big trouble. I’ll get to that in a moment.


At OctaGeeks we specialize in managing wordpress based websites.   Why?  Because it’s the most powerful and most popular content management system out there. Simply great for building website. But you better know how to keep it running smoothly.

The Hard part.

Great, you bought some cheap hosting with wordpress already installed.  Threw a pre-built template on there, added some content, and your website is up. Congrats. Now what? Now the real work begins.  

Big companies have professional IT webmasters and sysadmins who’s job it is to keep the website running smoothly.  Every day, they take a backup of the website, and the database. They keep backups for months. They check the security email lists for any new vulnerabilities found for wordpress and wordpress plugins and cross check to see if their website is running any of them. They install and configure wordpress security plugins.  They lock down the linux server, the database and network layers. They run virus and malware scans night and day, and keep the scanning software up to date.  If a webpage gets hacked, they fix it. If the database crashes, they fix it, or restore it from latest backup.

Webmasters/sysadmins know, that if you don’t keep your website up to date, sooner or later, it will get hacked.  30,000+ websites a day get hacked on the internet.  Most small business owners simply don’t have the time or skills to actively manage their website, and properly keep it up to date and backed up in case of disaster. This is where OctaGeeks come in.  Smart business people know they need to focus on their business instead of burning numerous hours of time on their website every month, when all that can be taken care of by super nerds at a reasonable price. Get your own IT team to watch of your website and sleep well at night.

Why Hackers Hack

Most people assume that hackers will just leave their uninteresting website alone.  Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not your website they are typically after.  It’s the server your website is running on. By compromising a poorly guarded small business website, hackers get to use the entire servers resources as an attack platform.  They collect thousands of compromised websites and keep them in the ready as a paid attack platform.  Unethical agents pay these hackers to take competitors websites down using distributed denial of service attacks.  These “DDOS” attacks use thousands of compromised websites to flood the target website with so much traffic, the site crashes under the high load, or it’s internet pipes become so saturated, no one can reach the website, effectively taking it down from the internet.  So yes, your little website that you think is probably boring to hackers is actually a prized gem that when combined with other websites, can make hackers a fortune.