Reclaim your time & focus on your business


We RUN your website

Our team of SUPER GEEKS will…

  • Backup your website daily
  • Backup your database daily
  • Provide professionally hosted email
  • Actively monitor your site 24/7
  • Secure your website
  • Scan for malware/viruses 24/7
  • Install wordpress upgrades
  • Keep you plugins up to date
  • Fix all common website issues
  • Repair hacked websites for free
  • Performance tune your website
  • Install Uptime Monitors
  • Track your google keyword rankings
  • Provide advanced visual editors
  • Let you sleep well at night

Our complete small business solution

FREE Hosting

Nope, we’re not kidding.  OctaGeeks is a website concierge service that includes free starter package hosting on our blazing fast servers, finely tuned for performance and security.

We decided to offer free hosting because managing peoples websites on the volume hosting providers platforms caused too many issues, from poor performance, to poor security, to complex, difficult to use control panels.

Using our own platform, was the only way to ensure fast and secure websites.

Responding to clients quickly depends on fast and efficient management tools.  The other providers “control panels” were simply too slow, dated, and cumbersome for our sysadmins to suffer with every day.

“Our servers are located in the some of the largest, most advanced, data centers in the world, with redundant hardware, networking and infrastructure at every turn.”


When was the last time you backed up your website?
( Most of our new customers answer “never” )

We backup your website and database daily, 365 days a year, so you don’t have to. Then we securely store the backups 3000+ miles from the datacenter, out of reach of natural disasters.

If your database gets corrupted and needs to be restored, we do the restoration for you.  We think giving non-IT people “control panel” access and asking them to do database restores is flat out irresponsible.  A disaster waiting to happen.


We actively monitor wordpress and all your plugins for new versions and install them for you as soon as they are released.

When hacked wordpress websites we’re analyzed, over half got hacked because of outdated plugins. It is the #1 attack vector hackers use to take over your website.


  • Hardened linux servers with multiple layers of security
  • Best in class WordPress Security Plugins, properly configured
  • Website Firewall – blocks attacks dead in their tracks
  • Security patches when vulnerabilities become known
  • Active monitoring of security bulletins for your plugins
  • Security reviews of all your plugins
  • Free plugin installation – we insure it’s done right

If you still end up hacked, we fix it for free!


Internet User studies have shown that sluggish websites can cause 25+% of visitors to leave your website. Be sure your customers are happy with a quick, snappy website.

Big hosting providers sell cheap hosting by packing their servers full of thousands of websites. This leads to slow page loading times, and a bad user experience.  At OctaGeeks, we keep your site running lightening fast by using the latest technology, and being obsessive about speed tuning. We promise to keep our servers lightly loaded at all times.

Our OctaCache engine then boosts this performance without the need for complex wordpress cache plugins.  You get all the speed without lifting a finger tip.

How many users are you losing with a slow website? Read the KissMetrics Study.


Every OctaGeek website is assigned it’s own 24/7 monitor.  If your website goes down, our system administrators are paged within a minute, and the issue addressed.  No need to call us. We’re on it before you realize anything is even wrong.

Malware Scanning

Don’t wait until Google blocks your website because it has been infected by malware. Prevention is better than the cure. We provide multiple layers of defense against malware and viruses.  Our 24/7 scanners check your files hourly, reporting and destroying malware on the fly.

If you still manage to get infected, we remove it for free, and work through the Google process to remove the warning.

Free “Divi” WordPress Theme

Divi is by far, the best professional wordpress template we have ever seen. All our websites are built in Divi. By building or converting your website to Divi, you or your developers can edit your website quickly without any coding.

If you prefer to hire a website developer, Divi will save you thousands of dollars by making it easy and faster for your developer to work on your website.

We can convert your typical small business website to Divi for $100 or less, in most cases.  No need to buy Divi, we supply it for free.

Free Accuranker keyword tracker

Let us know which google search phrases you would like tracked, and we will send you a weekly accuranker report with your keyword rankings.  Need help improving your rank? Ask about search engine optimization (SEO) in our support group.

Responsive Design

Build your website once, and it will automatically work across all devices.  Then you can fine tune the look on each device.

Domain name registration

Your domain name can hugely effect how many users find you on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Our search engine optimization experts will help you choose an effective domain name.

Then we will purchase the domain name for you, assign you as the legal owner, and manage all the complex DNS records moving foward.  ( A records, CNAME records, MX records, DKIM records, SPF records, etc)

Domain name renewals happen automatically and are paid for by us. If you ever need to leave us, domain name control is immediately transfered to you without any hassles, games or additional fees.


Up To Date


Backed Up


Malware/Virus Free


Worry Free

Leave the website headaches to the pro’s and start focusing on your business.

  • $49
  • Individual
  • Ample storage and bandwidth exceeding 99% of our users needs
  • Email Support
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • $249
  • Medium Business
  • 600% more resources than the small business package
  • Priority Phone Support
  • Personal OctaGeek account manager
  • 1 hour of tweaks or 5 support cases